Building more capacity around ICT and women empowerment.

SKIRTS aims at creating awareness on Technological Privacy on human rights. A lot of violation of one’s privacy takes place online and most individuals are not aware of these violations that exist whenever they engage on the online space.

So are working together with colleges and university in creating awareness so as women’s rights organizations and other like minded entities and individuals.

Our approach to outreach is simple;

We share our work and interest in creating safe online spaces for all with focus on women and girls. You can help by joining this movement of online safety by attending our digital security trainings that focus on preventative measures against online violence.

Also, you can help by spreading the news far and wide to help us capture as much data as possible on the penetration of online violence in Kenya. Share your story.

Next, you can join our community engagement activities to shed more light into the matter. This breeds solidarity and power to the people.