Socially Keen Individuals Redefining Tech Spaces (SKIRTS)

We all love being social, it’s human nature and that’s why when I drive on the chaotic Nairobi streets I talk to myself as if I am addressing the motorist next to who wants to overtake without courtesy.

Like I said it’s human nature and we feel much appreciated when we speak our mind whether right or wrong and corrected with empathy by others; it makes a difference I huge one I must say.

My first experience with the internet was in 2006 just when I was graduating high school and the possibilities of using the internet to connect and learn led me to study Information Technology in College.

So where did the SKIRTS idea come from?

In 2012, I was a frustrated young woman, reason being, I was not getting the most out of the internet as before. I went through my social media timeline from 2006 to 2012 and all I could see were some great memories and some bad ones too. And like any other human being I wanted to forget the bad memories, the trolls, harassment and stalking that took place at certain times.

I went offline for two years until in 2014, I saw an opportunity to create change and I went for it. With the launch of the South to South Lab in Nairobi, Kenya. Making All Voices Count was sourcing for ideas that can make the internet a safer place for women. A space that encourages more women to do business online, create applications, make dreams and fantasies true, share silly jokes and serious facts at the same time without worrying about established systems judging, pushing and shoving their beliefs down everyone’s throat.

It is from this desire to create a safe online spaces that SKIRTS was born with the sole purpose of cultivating a socially keen individuals to redefine tech spaces so that every woman, young or old and every boy and man can use the online space to empower themselves without having to bring others down.

So from November 1st 2014 when I  pitched SKIRTS idea of safer online spaces for women and girls. Here is where we have reached today.