FRIDA Fund visit to S.K.I.R.T.S

FRIDA Fund visit to S.K.I.R.T.S

At SKIRTS we are always happy to have visitors in our space. Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Rudo warrior, a consultant for the FRIDA Fund (Flexibility, Resources, Inclusivity, Diversity and Action). FRIDA engages with groups directly to enable them to define their own strengths, weaknesses, and to develop their capacities through experiences.

Outreach and capacity building were key subjects during the meeting. Present during the visit were SKIRTS team, who gave their first hand experience in capacity development, Resource mobilization and knowledge building not forgetting our monitoring and learning evaluation process.

During the course of the meeting we shared our successes and the stumbling blocks that we have encountered in our cause of creating awareness around the matters on on-line violence and harassment, provision of training on digital security and creating of evidence on on-line violence and harassment in the society.

We also learn a lot from Rudo and FRIDA at large for it is not very so often, that  somebody comes along and says something so honest, so inspiring, so mind-explodingly wise, that there’s nothing left to do except stare at them unblinkingly, that was our experience from the meeting. We were happy to host you in our space, and we re looking forward to your next visit.

Yesterday, FRIDA featured SKIRTS on their social media pages you can see more about that here.

Digital Security Training at Multimedia University

Digital Security Training at Multimedia University

On 27th of May, we kicked off our #SafeSpace Digital Security training, campus edition at Multimedia University of Kenya, through the faculty of Computing information Technology.

Multimedia was the first university to receive this intensive training, since SKIRTS started this program targeting young people, since they are the ones who fall victim and some as perpetrators of on-line violence. The program is currently running though out the year, sessions are offered at no cost to participants and is suitable for all young people.

We held a whole day training with the aim of creating awareness around cyber-crime vices, what the law says and above all what we can do to ensure that we protect ourselves against harm via the tech, and also on understanding gender parity in tech and how social media works for inclusion of all.

Speaking at the opening of the training, Mr. Kariuki a lecturer at the university said that the training is a very good initiative and it will provide the students with the skills and knowledge on how to protect themselves on the on-line space as they carry on with their activities.

The training attracted students from all the faculties in the institution. In the course of the training, Participants were asked to come up with solutions that could help eradicate on-line violence and harassment.

It was such an exciting activity, as the participants came up with very innovative ideas that can be implemented to bring change to this kind of problem. The ideas ranged from:

  • Mobile apps,
  • Network security infrastructure and;
  • Legislations that should be put in place to to punish the perpetrators of on-line violence.

Speaking on behalf of the University, Mr.Kariuki, welcomed SKIRTS back for more trainings to their students come next semester, as they would love more of their students to be impacted with skills and knowledge on cyber-security at large.